Friday, June 12, 2009

Under Construction

I have nothing much to say except that I've been gone for a while having experienced and gone through things I never thought I would ever go through in my life. But like all avenging scorned protagonists or long lost characters from movies and plays, I think I also deserve another comeback.

And I must admit that to this comeback, I have no idea of how to return - a walk in the red carpet perhaps or maybe go through the back doors. I'm just glad that i found once again a slight (yes, slight) reason to write again, to reconstruct (like my blog title says) and to slowly come out of the shell I've kept myself.

And no, I have not been pregnant and been forced to a shot gun wedding. Thanks for asking.

I'm looking forward to blog once more.

And I would like to thank Kim for pushing me, literally (?!) to blog once again. And I seriously think she'll flip coz she's expecting this blog on June 16th! Yeboi!

And F*ck! I forgot how things go in blogger. Need to experiment. Boom!

2 Violent Reactions:

kimpoy said...

hahahaha. finally! something to look forward to.

and you're welcome for the "push" though i would've preferred the term "nudge".


KC said...

I'll link your blog to my site. :)