Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Count Thy Blessings

I had a short chat with my best friend Vica. Though we're miles away, we never fail to connect all thanks to Skype (yup, that's one blessing I should count : Thank heavens for the Skype inventor. Sheer genius). She always hear first hand about my life's miseries and how 'bipolar' I could get. And I am grateful as well that she never complains (at least if she does, she does it internally "^&*^@!%@! Madz" or something like that. And yes, that's also a blessing I count).

Vica Bes knows. As in really knows. She could listen to me for hours just crying or just shreiking how life could be so unfair. Reality is, life does suck and don't tell me sometimes ... it sucks ... all the time. My life has been on the rocks these days (as if there's anything new) and it doesn't help that I whapacked someone at work (cheers to me), and the fact that my mom is 'the M stage' (if you know what I mean). It also doesn't help when dad sides mom and no one else takes my side. Me against the world. Something pathetic like that.

But earlier this morning, Vica skyped me and we talked seriously about life and she told me one by one the blessings I have comparing it to those who wish to be on my shoes. She mentioned a hefty list of stuffs that I should appreciate. She told me that I may have problems but who doesnt anyways. Then we had a nice time peaking into the future and talking about us being successful and 'superlative' rich and yes, that was fun too.

To make things short, Vica just slapped me awake. At this point, she gave me a boost. I was feeling really down and maybe I still am but I guess I do have lots to think about, a lot to be thankful for. Somehow I get what my friends (Kim and the others) keep telling me before. Count your blessings. Count your blessings. And I would always reason out ... "I'M NOT GOOD IN MATH!"

Apparently, when you do count your blessings? It doesn't really need any special math skills. Just simple addition and multiplication. I am, anyway, smarter than a 5th grader (I think).


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kimpoy said...

yay! you're finally getting better in counting!